About this study

Everyone experiences anxiety, distress and may feel down on occasions, however sometimes the support of a General Practitioner (GP) doctor or Mental Health specialist is required.

Unfortunately, health professionals may not always be able to provide an immediate diagnosis because many mental illness conditions start with mild symptoms that build up slowly over time.It often takes time for a complete picture of mental health disorders to emerge, therefore appropriate treatment may be delayed.

Developing a biologically-focused, objective, neuroscience-based test for psychosis and other more severe mental health disorders would show who is really at risk. It will also allow health professionals to understand the underlying biology of these disorders, so that preventative management can begin much sooner, before such disorders have a chance to progress.

This study builds upon our earlier research discoveries of important biomarkers that were able to accurately predict serious mental illness (S. Fryar-Williams & J. Strobel , 2016). The aim of this larger online scale study is to validate our previous research and broaden the scope to include other mental illness states.

Your help in achieving our target is much appreciated.



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